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2024 centennial event

The centennial celebration of Paul K. Feyerabend's birth provides an opportunity to reflect on the legacy of a thinker who championed freedom, diversity, and a critical perspective in the philosophy of science. Feyerabend's work continues to inspire scholars and thinkers across disciplines. This event aims to:


The centennial celebration is part of UM6P's Science Week, which focuses on the broader theme of "Transitions." Feyerabend's work resonates with this theme as his seminal book “Against Method” is key to the transition from a philosophy of science that mostly discusses the rules of scientific method to challenging the existence and even desirability of such a method in scientific practice. This defining shift of perspective in the philosophy of science debate affected the traditional notion of science as the privileged form of knowledge, leading to an epistemological reassessment of knowledge, transitioning to one that offers new perspectives on how different forms of knowledge coexist in the modern world and why they should also be taken into account. By connecting the centennial conference to the Science Week, we aim to enhance interdisciplinary dialogue and promote a holistic understanding of transitions in knowledge, culture, and society.

15 February, 2024, Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique 

Exploring Paul Feyerabend’s legacy in the context of  the reconstruction of the High Atlas region 

An event as part of the UM6P Science Week 2024 (12-18 February 2024)