Recent Publications

scholarly literature about Pkf's work

Education for a Free Society

edited by Karsten Kenklies and Sebastian Engelman

Peter Lang 2024

Wider den Chauvinismus: 100 Jahre Paul K. Feyerabend

by Wolfgang Frindte

Springer VS 2023

Feyerabend and the Philosophy of Physics, Part I

International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 35: 1 (2022) - special issue edited by Jamie Shaw and Michael T. Stuart

Interpreting Feyerabend: Critical Essays

edited by Karim Bschir and Jamie Shaw

Cambridge University Press 2021

A Theory of Wonder

by Gonzalo Munévar

Vernon Press, 2021

Paul Feyerabend's Philosophy    (费耶阿本德哲学新探)

by Yuanlin GUO (郭元林)

China Social Sciences Publishing House 


December 1, 2023 (2023年12月1日)

Wider die Borniertheit und den Chauvinismus – mit Paul K. Feyerabend durch absurde Zeiten

by Wolfgang Frindte

Springer, 2024