Events in the UK

2024 forthcoming events

1-5 October 2024, University of Cambridge 

Paul Feyerabend - A two-day event on pluralism in the arts and sciences

Workshop organised by the UK pkf committe; participants include Ian Kidd, Hasok Chang, John Preston, John Dupré, etc. will involve some opera music, possibly some Brecht’s drama, recordings of pkf himself, music composed for the occasion and perhaps also recreations of historical experiments by Hasok!  

[date to be determined, after Cambridge event], London School of Economics 

Historically-focused event on Pkf at the LSE"

Possibly a debate /sequel to For/Against Method, with someone who might defend method (Liam Kofi Bright?) and with Ian Kidd for AM?  Possibly combining with the publication of the other letters that were supposed to be part of the original For/Against Method, but weren’t?

Recent past events

March 19, 2021, University of Strathclyde 

Paul Feyerabend - Education for a Free Society

Workshop organised by Karsten Kenklies & Sebastian Engelmann